Business model:

Unlike its competitors on the market, Immovaria Real Estate AG, which invests its assets in real estate and equity holdings of all kinds, follows a unique and innovative business model that is currently in its implementation phase. The company is committed to always paying out the maximum possible dividends for its shareholders at regular intervals during the year in order to generate a constant revenue flow.

From (material) assets to dividends

Immovaria Real Estate AG acquires attractive and high yield real estate form sellers and gives these sellers shares of the company for the appropriate value in return.

The key in this business model is that only unencumbered properties may be owned or acquired by the company. The seller is able to profit from Immovaria Real Estate AG’s unique participation approach as soon as the shares are received. The seller receives regular dividend payouts that can replace the rent payments that had been received in the past.

The shareholder may sell some or all of the shares at any time via the stock exchange and capitalize his/her “real estate” material assets.