Object of the company:

Immovaria Real Estate AG is a uniquely positioned real estate and holding company with an innovative business model under which it invests its assets in real estate and holdings of all kinds. The area of focus in the company concept is on real estate in high margin conurbations in the Federal Republic of Germany and on holding company shares of companies with successful property management.

Immovaria Real Estate AG does not limit its investment decisions to certain markets. The earning potential from purchasing or sharing in a property is the decisive factor.

The company concentrates its acquisitions in real estate and equity holdings primarily on real estate in conurbations and attractive locations with good economic conditions as well as on company shares of companies in property management.

Immovaria Real Estate AG conducts a due diligence test on the prospective company or objects before acquiring a share in order to be able to achieve the highest possible earning potential in the future with high certainty.

“Shareholders are dumb and impudent. Dumb, because they entrust others with their money without maintaining sufficient control and impudent, because they demand dividends, i.e. they want to be rewarded for being dumb.” Carl Fürstenberg, Berlin banker, 1850-1933

At Immovaria Real Estate AG the exact opposite is true. With us you always get maximum transparency and maximum dividends. Simple. Clear. No compromises.